Welcome to our company

TCN focusing multi-sector in different industries, with quality assured products and cost effective services, represent many manufacturer and innovative solutions providers in the competitive market.

TCN spreads its wings into multiple sectors, such as ,Information technology, oil and gas Telecom, FMCG, Cunstruction and Engineering with focusing assured quality product with cost effective services to patch with the industrial requirement. We do representing many manufacture and innovative solution providers in the competitive market. We consistently provide state of the art technology with world famous brands such as samsung,Bosch,Dell,Hp,Acer,Apple,Avaya, Huawei,Cisco,Panasonic etc.

TCN one of The major focus of the company is ICT, Electronics products and services such as : Mobile Phones, Computers, Network Accessories, Security Cameras, GPS Devises, Time Attendance Machines, Access Control Devices, LED LCD and other Network and Electrical components

Featured Services

  • OTT Services
  • ICT products and solutions
  • Telecommunication products and solutions
  • Networking products and solutions
  • Security products and solutions
  • Storage products and solutions
  • Software, Hybridware Solutions
  • Manpower Supply & Construction material
  • Healthcare & Lifestyle products
  • FMCG Products